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If you're like so many of the people I talk with, you may be thinking one of two things right now: "Yes, sure, anybody can write." Or "What does a writer actually do that I can't do myself?"

Some say writers are a dime a dozen. Others are awed that anyone succeeds at getting a book published or a byline on a magazine article.

Well, actually, none of the above is entirely accurate. It is true, if you can think clearly and string words together, you can write. Even so, I've lost count of all the people I've met in my lifetime who just couldn't figure out how to complete a project. For some a simple letter is a real challenge. For others the fear of success or rejection is enough to hold them back.

Frankly, writing is hard work and it's very time intensive. If you're in business and have had to pull together a presentation or a report for your boss or for your customer, you know exactly what I mean. Sadly, if writing doesn't come naturally for you, you've probably spent a lot of time trying to get a job done. And that was probably precious time lost - time when you should have been doing what you love -- or making money -- or taking care of your family.

My career began in the 60s when I boldly walked into a newspaper and asked the publisher to "Teach me everything you know." Since then, I've seen the publishing industry change drastically. And I grew with it...learning to troubleshoot computers and software, and moving from there into technical writing. I've used those skills to promote software developers, real estate, lawyers, politicians, not for profits, other writers and many others.

There isn't a business of any kind that doesn't rely on the written word....from coal to automobiles to law, medicine and politics. The growth of the Internet has fueled the need for quality writers. If you have a website, you know what I mean.

Writing is not just about getting your name in print. It's much more about how you share critical information and with whom. It's about being vulnerable and about putting your best foot forward. A letter, brochure, newsletter, manual, website can make the difference between getting by and making a good living. Sometimes, it's best done in solitude and other times an entire team needs to pool expertise to do the job right.

I'd like to help you make sure your written materials - both traditional print and online - are the very best representation of you. I'd like to do the work of researching, finding just the right turn of phrase and formatting everything into an attractive package for you - so you can do what you love to do. Do you need a report done by Monday? But you'd much rather be spending time with your family? Do you need another pair of eyes to make sure your masterpiece is ready to present to publishers? Would you like to see your name on a book or an article?

I'm here to help.

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When you're pressed for time but you need to put your best foot forward so that your business can grow and prosper, you can be sure that J-M & Associates is here to help.

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"Wow! I bought several issues of the paper yesterday and had the greatest time calling clients to tell them they're in it! I loved the story -- You sure have a talent for taking many ideas and blending them to support your angle."

"This book would not be possible without the masterly editing of Joan-Marie Moss. She has been most generous with her time, advice and considerable talent."

"..We are all going to be better writers because of you..."

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