-- March 14, 2004

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Have you noticed?  When people want to get your attention or sell you something,  they increase the frequency of their efforts to get your attention and become much more insistent. Here are three steps you can take -- right now -- to improve your success ratio both in your personal life and in business.

2. Do something different. If you look like everyone else how can you expect anyone to sit up and take notice? Yes, there certainly are norms and basic rules that we need to follow. But knowing those, it's important to project yourself as unique...else why would anyone look twice?

3. Ask questions first - then show. Don't try to "sell" or convince another person to see things your way. Find out what they need or want. Then, share what you've learned or what you know. If you really care, you'll share information that will help them make the best decision for themselves.

Watch people and businesses. You can pretty much tell where they're coming from, how needy they are and how much they care about you, by how well they practice these three simple principals.


By identifying the three personality types in businesses, you can learn how to grow your business in a predictable, productive way that will enable you to truly control your own destiny. It's available both in paperback and audio CD. I found it at my public library.

Gerber says that small business owners are Entrepreneurs (forward thinking, creative, visionary), Manager (conservative, operations-focused), and Technician (doing the "work" of the business). Focusing too much time in any one of these areas can lead us  to failure.

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