February 1, 2004
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"I am only one, but still I am one. I can not do everything, but
still I can do something. And because I can not do everything,
I will not refuse to do something I can do." -- Helen Keller


If there's any single message I want to share with you this month, it's that YOU ARE SPECIAL. Without you, nothing at CreativeOptions.com or in this newsletter makes much sense.

I particularly appreciate all of you who have elected to hang in while we grew and all the advice and feedback you've offered along the way. YOU and YOUR NEEDS are what dictate how we grow from here.  Every decision that's being made is based on a single question: Will this help YOU to be better informed, better equipped to handle the challenges you face in your business and in your personal development? 

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by Bob Baker

Gloria, a subscriber to my "Quick Tips for Creative People" e-zine, recently sent this note:

"Do you have anything on self-discipline and overcoming the fear of failure/success? I feel very enthusiastic when I do things, but the demons of fear just creep up on me. I do not want to repress them any longer; I am fed up with them. But I know it's easier said than done. SOS: I do not want to be a chained slaved to my fears any longer. Help me help myself!"

Well, I'm flattered that Gloria felt comfortable in turning to me for some advice, but I'm also a bit fearful myself in tackling such a widespread obstacle to success. But I'll give it a shot.

First, let's turn to Marsha Sinetar for some perspective. In her book To Build the Life You Want, Create the Work You Love, she writes: "Almost all of us fear our potentials ... Generally, fear's message is that we're not yet ready to be, do or have what we want. The way out of this dilemma is through a change of mind about ourselves -- not simply the gaining of technical skills or textbook knowledge."

Throughout her book, Sinetar encourages readers to play with their visions of a life that's true to their purpose. I agree. Using your head for "possibility thinking" is extremely important in gaining confidence and getting mentally prepared for reaching higher levels of success.

But I also belief the best formula for living dreams is a balanced combination of THOUGHTS and ACTIONS. Nothing gives you confidence like having attempting something new that is in line with your creative passion. Whether it's taking a painting class, going to a theatre audition, writing the first chapter of your novel ... each small step builds a stepping stone to the next level.

Taking a closer look at Gloria's note, I find the solutions to her dilemma woven into her very own words.

She writes: "I feel very enthusiastic when I do things ..." She feels best when she is engaged in her passion. As she continues to do more things, her enthusiasm (and belief that she was meant to pursue her path) will grow.

"I do not want to repress (my fears) any longer; I am fed up with them." Gloria has taken it upon herself to face her fears, not avoid them. By acknowledging her paranoia, she brings it out in the open, where it's far easier to tame. She's also grown frustrated with her fears, and discontent can be one of our greatest motivators.

In her book, Marsha Sinetar also says that successful people have "belief systems and self-ideas that support their life's objectives. Underneath doubts, stronger than fear, lives the thought: 'I can do this. I will do this. I am doing it!'"

Gloria also writes: "Help me help myself!" This is the most encouraging line in the note. She's not blaming the world for her ills or laying excuses at the feet of her circumstances. She's taking on the responsibility of wrestling this demon herself, which makes me realize she is right on track to slay this dragon.

Keep in mind, though, artists never reach a point where their creative lives are void of fear. It will never go away. But with a solid combination of positive thoughts and self-affirming actions, you can keep the little monsters very much under control.

P.S. Be sure to take a closer look at Marsha Sinetar's two best-selling books: To Build the Life You Want, Create the Work You Love and Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow.

Bob Baker is the author of "Unleash the Artist Within," "Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook" and "Branding Yourself Online." Get a FREE subscription to Bob's newsletter, "Quick Tips for Creative People," featuring inspiration and low-cost, self-promotion ideas for artists, writers, performers and more. Visit http://www.PromoteYourCreativity.com for details.

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Viruses, SPAM and rampant abuse of e-mail in general has caused serious damage to the way we communicate with each other. Some have already left the internet in disgust. Others have hidden themselves "securely" behind firewalls and spam blockers. Yet others are looking at new and promising alternatives to, hopefully, resolve the worst of the problems.

To protect yourself from Viruses, Trojans and other pests, here are several solutions I can recommend:

1. Invest in MAC:  I can tell you this, my daughter and I both bought new computers 2-3 months ago. With my blessing, she bought a MAC. I have too much invested in my system so I stayed with PC/Windows. To date, her MAC has been purring along with absolutely no glitches and no harassment by pests of any kind. My PC? Well, Let me tell you the latest and greatest, is bombarded constantly! I've probably caught every virus, worm and Trojan known to man. It's been a nightmare.

2. But, for those of us who are PC users there is hope!!! After extensive work with these issues. I FINALLY found a solution that I highly recommend to you. It's not free -- and I don't get any kickback or commission for recommending this. But I urge you to look at PestPatrol (http://www.pestpatrol.com/ ) This little gem catches EVERYTHING - even stuff that slips through the cracks with other virus scans. Best of all, it tells you exactly what malicious varmints it's found, it tells you exactly where they come from and what they do. And, then, it deletes the culprit!! I've watched it find and get rid of things that slipped right through a full virus scan by some of the leading software providers.

3. Many are finding another interesting alternative that you might be interested in exploring -- online network communities. One such is Ryze.com ( http://GetYoursFree.com/relate) . Now, it will take some getting used to if you join these communities. First, you conduct all communications and maintain your contact lists on the web. If you have your own email address book on your own machine, you'll be learning a new way to stay in touch with others. But, the learning curve will pay off with more freedom from pests and SPAM. Networking is the name of the game in these online communities. People WANT to get to know you and to share common interests.  And, you'll meet some of the most amazing people out there. Ryze, is just one of the many that are springing up. They appeal to dynamic people who are genuinely interested in networking with others who share like interests. (And isn't this really what you want?)...

If you do decide you want to join this community, I strongly suggest that you read "Is your DOUGH Ryzing? (Online Cash Flow)" by Warren Contreras, so that you will understand how networking works there.


When I joined Ryse.com, I came across a post by Eric Mortensen, an online marketer. Now you know, if you've read my emails before, what I think about in-your-face marketing. You've heard me say pressure and hype just don't cut it. But, I'll be the first to admit that IF done right, marketing online can be highly effective. Eric has renewed my own belief and others I've found recently have confirmed my belief that business can/should be conducted ethically on the internet. Eric has given me permission to reprint his list of Guidelines for email campaigns. All of us, whether we're actively marketing products and services on the internet or simply communicating with each other, need to pay close attention. This is the stuff that Effective Communication of all kinds are made of:


I always e-mail the below GUIDELINES to new Partners who join my network and DreamTeam ...and they get REALLY HAPPY !!

"Maybe" you can benefit from those rules too ??

The following guidelines will assist you in composing accurate and compelling email campaigns that are in compliance with the new US Anti-Spam Laws which went into effect 1/1/04.

1.    Consent: State why the recipient is getting the email...and how they have given permission... 
       for example: requested information, opted-in, previous business associate, etc.
2.    Set your "From" info option to include the company name or brand: for example: "From: GiiCorp's John and Connie"....
3.    The length of "subject" should be 40 characters or less (including spaces)
4.    Incorporate a specific benefit in the "subject"....
5.    Include brand/Co. in "subject" if not in "From" field....
6.    Does the "Subject" line create a sense of urgency?
7.    Make the email copy relevant, targeted, and timely.
8.    Personalize the email with names.
9.    Is the email copy clear and concise?
10.   Include the result or action you want.
11.   Focus on benefits.
12.   Give reason to act now.
13.   Be ready to respond...and follow-up...creating a dialogue....
14.   Is the email appealing....good use of space, graphics, design?
15.   Proofread the entire email, including subject and from fields....
16.   Test it and check your Links...
17.   Prepare both html and text and test both by sending to yourself...
18.   Spam Law: Provide a way to "unsubscribe" or "remove" email address...
19.   Spam Law: Unsubscribe/remove request must be completed within 10 days...
20.   Spam Law: Be prepared to remove addresses from multiple email lists/databases...
21.   Spam Law: Use good email practices....truth-telling and honesty....
22.   Spam Law: Are you using a "legitimate" header / lead line?
23.   Spam Law: Use a valid "from" address....
24.   Spam Law: Subject must be honest and straightforward..... not misleading....
25.   Spam Law: Include your physical address in every email campaign.

Best Wishes for the new year,
Mr. Support #1 :))
Eric Mortensen
5 Star Gold Executive Partner



Last month I re-introduced to you. I'll be looking forward to your input - what you don't like as well as what you do. As you recall, I told you I'd be sending out one very brief email every week as well as one each month that would offer more comprehensive articles.  Does this work for you?

http://www.CreativeOptions.com is being updated almost daily. Why? This website is intended to be a resource and reference site for Creative Entrepreneurs (Writers, Painters, Musicians, Photographers AND anyone who uses their creative talents in building their business). The intent is to support and enhance your growth. You might want to check out the newest additions to this site: 

A growing study on Creativity and its role in our lives today - This is probably the first book of its kind -- one that's literally written by its readers.
Feel free to participate in this dynamic project [Ed: This book has been taken offline in preparation for publication. If interested:

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Our own personal Library, Store and Resources. If you're looking for Music Lessons, Art Classes, Books and Articles, Help and Tools to help with
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Yes, it's our very own little corner of the internet where we can meet in real time. It's free. You don't have to make special arrangements or get permission.
Ultimately this will be where we'll have classes on doing business on writing and more.

There are two options - one or more of which I hope will be of value to you. They are: Chicago Business Network and Business of Writing .  We're all pressed for time. These groups, may prove just what you've been looking for when you want to meet and talk shop with other business people who share your concerns and challenges.   Sign up on
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