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This is the first issue of the new Newsletter. It is my gift to you. If you wish to continue receiving , please refer to the CALL TO ACTION Section.


If you pay attention to nature at all, you know that all of life is a metamorphosis. Growth follows periods of inactivity and/or deep sleep.

Some of you will recall that has a fairly successful short run and then simply dropped out of sight. The publication has been in what can only be referred to as a deep sleep. No, it wasn't dead. But it did curl up in a cocoon. I had no idea what would emerge.

In that time we all have experienced the most bizarre of life experiences...from 9/11 to recession/depression and more. Each of our lives have moved on at super sonic paces. Most of us have had some truly astounding life changing experiences.  Career changes, lost jobs, war and illness have been rampant. It seems that everyone has been involved in some sort of grieving.

My daughter put it very well when she said,  "It's like we're all on a treadmill and we don't dare stop because if we do we'll get knocked off, we'll loose our place and will never be able to get back on."

Today we're beginning a brand new year. For the first time in several years I am convinced that it's time to set aside the old and set a course to guide us as we move forward.

I'm not saying that the storms of life are over. But I am suggesting that it's a perfect time to emerge from our cocoons and shed the fears and insecurities that have plagued us in recent years.

We all know that resolutions have a tendency to fall by the wayside...leaving us feeling more discouraged that when we started.

I'm suggesting that we become more aware of the paradigm shift. It's a whole new world out there and we're a new people on a journey. We're not plodding caterpillars any more. And we're not sheltered in our cocoons any more. We're emerging into beautiful butterflies with promise of whole new experiences. But like that butterfly we have to give our wings time to dry and strengthen.

We no longer have dozens of legs to carry us forward and we don't have all the security of familiar supporting mechanisms to support us. The caterpillar just isn't there any more. But as butterflies we can begin to find our own unique beauty, creative talents, adventures.  If you already know yours, it's very good indeed. You have a head start. If you don't, take this time to get acquainted with the new you ... enjoy and release all the glorious colors of your being and look forward to the exciting adventures that lie ahead as you gain strength and confidence.

If you're still in the midst of adversity, remember that you're not alone. We're all in this together. Remember that as surely as day follows  night and spring follows winter, this, too, will pass. Adversity is the time when we learn and grow. Treasure this time.

One of the most valuable lessons I've learned through the years is that there is never a time when a door is closed that you can't find either an open door -- or an open window. Look for it. It's there. When you're looking, remember that you now have beautiful wings (your inner strengths and talents) to carry you.

is ready to fly again. And, we'd like you to be part of the adventure. But that's your choice. Please, tell me if you would like to receive future issues of this eZine.

Here's the direction we're going:

Both and the CreativeOptions.com website are being completely rebuilt from the ground up. The focus will still be "Creative Entrepreneurs and the Businesses Who Require Their Talents". But, the focus is going to be a whole lot more defined. We're focusing on the development of creativity in business as well as personal life, we're going to take a good hard look at strengthening our natural talents and applying them to all phases of our life. We're going to be looking for how those talents are useful in this strange new world  in 2004. And I'm going to encourage each one of you to participate. If this interests you - let's grow together.


Since writing the first issues of , we've done an about face.

  • Back then we were all busy learning how to keep up with technology. But now we need to focus on how to harness technology and make it serve us most efficiently.
  • Back then we were concerned with finding out how to use the capabilities of internet to gain information. But now we need to focus on how to use technology to share information.
  • Back then we were being led (sometimes kicking and screaming) into changing many of our basic concepts about earning money, shopping, interfacing with the companies that serve us. But now, we need to focus on using the lessons learned to capitalize on our new life styles.
  • Back then we relied on corporate America and our political leaders to take care of us. But now we need to take the tools that have been given to us and use them to take care of ourselves.
  • Back then we were busy looking for ways to keep the outside from impacting our personal lives. But now we need to judiciously look for ways to monitor the "intrusions", excluding those that do not interest us and welcoming those that enrich our lives.
  • Back then we were amazed at how easy it is to hide behind our computer screens. But, now, we need to use those same computer screens to open ourselves to the world.


The types of topics that you'll find in in the months ahead include:

When West Meets East? 
Where have all the Creative People Gone?
How do you nurture and release your own creativity?
Is there room for family in business?
Whatever happened to equality?
You CAN be you and I CAN be me
Creative Sales? What's That?
and more

One in-depth newsletter approximately this long will be sent on the first of the month. Once a week, a very short thought jogger will be sent, a quote, a spot of humor, or a question to ponder. 

Everyone who receives this newsletter is invited to contribute thoughts, comments, articles -- even appropriate ads. 

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