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========================================= "When   you reach  for  the  stars, you may not get one,  but you won't come up  with a hand-full of mud, either.";

-- Leo Burnett



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Where to from here?


                        Joan-Marie Moss

This  first  newsletter  gives  us  the opportunity to explore just where we are and where we want to go from here.

I  think  you'll agree with me when I say we're living in  awesome times. Heck, just think about it. Fifteen years ago, the chances of my ever becoming your friend
were  slim   to  none. Yet, here we are....friends, I trust, for life.

We have technology to thank for that. But we've paid a high  price at the same time. I know you're much like me  in  that you're sometimes overwhelmed by how fast
things are going and how difficult it has become just to keep up.

Technology  has taken us far. But I would suggest that we've reached a turning point. See what you think.

In  the  early '90s only a very few innovators enjoyed the  internet.  At  that time, they were adamant that they  did  not  want  business  encroaching  on their territory.  The  internet  was designed as a wondrous tool  for exchanging information. Anyone who dared to promote  a business or try to sell users anything was rapidly banned.

But  business was hungry. And in an attempt to develop a   new  source of income, business entered the scene with   a   vengeance. Wow! Here was a ready market --
all  they  had to do was find a way to get themselves into our homes and we'd be a captive market for life! Businesses  poured  a  bunch  of  money  into   the internet. 

They  put  their  techies to work and came up with all sorts  of  schemes to push and pull and prod  us into buying  from them via the  internet.  They  harnessed and  refined  all  their  marketing  formulas  in an attempt  to  mold us into an endless source of money. And   yes,  some  became  unbelievably wealthy in the process. 

But   the  bean   counters  got involved and started  crunching   numbers.  They were all so sure that  we'd   fall over backwards for the  privilege of receiving their hard-core in-your-face market messages They were convinced   that   we   just   couldn't   wait   to   Before we knew it we were  reduced to  numbers  and  passwords with a gazillion cookies flooding our computers.

What they forgot was that the internet is nothing more than a tool that can be used or abused. And while they shoved  the  marketing  messages  at us, while hiding
behind  their  answering  machines, they were getting further  and  further  from  developing our trust and confidence.   And  at  the same time they forgot that just  because we spend a lot of time on the computer, we  still  haven't  been  reduced  to  the  point  of functioning like machines. In  most cases we failed to perform as expected.

I'm  sure  you  know  what's  happening now. It didn't work,  did  it?  Technology has taken a huge hit this last   year.  The bean counters have decided that the internet  has been a losing proposition for business. Of   course,   they   don't   mention   that   the  development  monies  that  flowed  so freely at first have pretty well dried up and it's time to get off the pot.  But that's another issue.

Meanwhile, the diehards are pushing ever more to get  us    indoctrinated.  You've  seen  it,  haven't you? It's  getting   tougher   and   tougher  to find real valuable information on the internet without being hit with the demands that we spend our hard earned money.

Well,  my  theory  is  this: Technology is a wonderful thing. It's  brought  us  very  far  indeed.  But technology can do  only so much. We are much more than
money machines.

It's  time, I think, for the creative people -- people like you and me -- to get involved. And it's time for us  to  make  the  internet  what  we  want it to be. Technology is good but only as good as what you and I can do with it.

Hence this newsletter.

We're    going   to   use  this  newsletter  to  share information.  Yes,  we'll share ideas about business. We'll  explore  ways to spend and ways to save money. We may even talk about doing business on the internet.  But  we're  going to use this newsletter to have fun. We're  going  to use it to get better acquainted with each  other.  We'll talk about recipes and travel and what's going on in the world.


This  first  newsletter  is  probably  the longest one you'll   receive  from  me.  Generally the newsletter you receive will include:

*  Thought/Quote      
*  Feature   Story   or   Guest Article    
*  3-4  websites  that  we've  found  to be  particularly  
       interesting  and  think  you  might like to check   out    
*  A recipe or a short how-to
*  Just for Laughs  
*  From  Your Desk (self introductions or feedback
       you'd   like  to  share  with  others  who  read this

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