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Welcome adversity and trials -- they are your greatest teachers.
But remember that all adversity and trials are fleeting companions.

Respect those who are superior and learn from them.
But remember to check what you learn from them against your own inner wisdom.

Explain - don't explain away.
But remember that efforts at explanation frequently fall on deaf ears unless you can speak the language of the person you're talking to.

Change your thinking. from "There is no way" to "Let's find a way"
Remember the adage: There's more than one way to skin a cat.

Work through problems: NOT around them.
Problems are there to make us stronger and to enable us to experience the sweet wonderment of accomplishment.

Find the better way -
Better yet, find the best way for you.

Don't say "I'm sorry" without correcting it
More important, don't say "I'm sorry" unless you have a reason to be.

Fight for what you believe but recognize when compromise may be better.
More often than not, your tendency to fight is an immediate response, that stems from fear of the unknown. Given time and knowledge, you'll frequently discover that there are more effective ways to handle even the most serious difficulties.

Work harder and make more time.
It's called working smarter and staying focused on what's really important to you.

Accept losing if it comes (a loser is secretly afraid of winning).
But look at what is lost in light of your inner priorities. You may be surprised to discover that you haven't lost a thing. Remember all nature abhors a vacuum. If something is taken away or lost, there is always something else that replaces it.

Make commitments - NOT promises.
And make sure that those commitments are commitments to yourself that are based on your highest good. In the end, you will only be called on to answer to yourself and your higher power.

Be the best you can be right now in the present.
You can strive to be better than you were in the past. You can strive give yourself the tools you'll need to be better in the future. But right now, in the present, all you can be is your best self. All you can do right now is the best you can with what you have.

Remember, above all else, that you're only competing against yourself.

© Joan-Marie Moss and 1999-2017